The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE) offers women the chance to recharge and experience personal growth where we do it best, through outdoor adventures and authentic learning. If you are feeling stuck, please join us for a fresh look at your life.

Adventure First. Education Always.

We believe people create positive and profoundly empowering experiences when they intentionally engage in unique educational settings. With North Carolina as our setting, we invite women of all ages to join us for a week of individual challenge and personal goal-setting. You don’t need to be an outdoor expert to join us. Instead, our qualified instructors will help you learn new skills, including backcountry cooking, setting up camp, paddling a river, reading a topographical map, and more. Additionally, our schedule allows time for practicing yoga, sharing stories, journaling, making art or napping under the trees.

When we’re not hiking or rafting, you’ll be part of NCOAE’s world-renowned Core Curriculum, our flagship leadership program. And, while your physical state is busy with hiking, paddling, and learning technical skills, you’ll find that your mental state opens up to confirm your strengths and the outdoors can help you to release insecurities.

And if you’re worried you might not fit in because you’re too young or too old, consider this: We limit each trip to approximately eight women with two professionally trained guides. Our youngest participant was 20 years old and our oldest was 61. Most of our hiker/rafters are in their mid-30s. We provide a complete packing list for your equipment, and we have multiple options to help you get the gear you need for your trip, from renting to buying.