NCOAE Refund & Transfer Policy

The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE) has established this Refund & Transfer Policy to help students, course participants and parents and guardians understand their options in the event that a course or training refund or transfer is requested. Please contact NCOAE headquarters with questions regarding these policies (we’re available Monday through Friday between 8am-5pm ET by calling (910) 399-8090).

Deposits and Refunds

  1. A non-refundable, 10 percent tuition deposit required to hold a spot in a course
  2. Full course payment due 30 days before course start
  3. Registration within 30 days of course start requires full tuition at registration

If student cancels:

  1. More than 30 days prior to course start, funds paid minus the 10% admission fee are refundable
  2. Transfers: Within 30 days prior to course start, 50% of tuition is transferable the remainder is forfeited
  3. Within 15 days prior to courses start, all funds are forfeited
  4. If course cancels due to low enrollments, funds paid are transferrable or 100% refundable
  5. Transfers must be made to courses (at the base, ONLY) within one calendar year of original course enrollment, or funds will be forfeited. Funds may not be transferred to an outside, sponsored course
  6. Only one transfer per student is authorized. All funds are forfeited under any and all circumstances in any attempt to cancel or transfer a second time, under the originally registered/enrolled course or training

To initiate a course or training transfer, please contact NCOAE Headquarters via email ( – Subject Line: Transfer Request) or by phone (we’re available Monday through Friday between 8am-5pm ET by calling (910) 399-8090). To request a refund, first call the office to determine refund eligibility. A signed letter is required for refund consideration.