A group of people hiking in a single file line while carrying equipment and gear.


Outdoor enthusiasts like the term, “Go big or go home” — especially when confronting a steep climb or a particularly fast-running river. But when it comes to equipment, there’s no need to go all out and purchase every piece of camping gear you can cram in a (new) state-­of-­the-­art backpack. We’ve created packing and equipment lists to help you properly prepare for your upcoming NCOAE course or training.

For packing lists for your specific trip, please see below or your confirmation email.

Pack Lists

12 Day Teen Leadership Expeditions

A teenager going through an open backpack.

Pack Lists

14 Day Adult Leadership Expeditions

Three people backpacking.

Pack Lists

25 Day Adult Leadership Expeditions

Three outdoor educators sitting on the ground together.


Registered NCOAE course and training participants will need to complete and return all necessary forms before they begin their course or training. If you have any questions, please contact us and a team member will respond shortly.