Understanding NCOAE’s Educational Framework

Every school, in fact every system of education has a supporting framework that serves as the foundation for developing curriculum — the subjects that comprise the school’s course of study.

To optimize its success, that educational framework should be tailored to achieve the organization’s mission, vision, philosophy, values, and student needs.

For instance, when you’re exploring an educational organization’s approach to learning, you can review its mission statement and vision statement (assuming it has those). Then, to determine what makes the organization different from others, you can evaluate its value proposition.

Another place to look is at its educational framework, which is the underlying structure that shapes and supports the school’s or organization’s system of education. That framework connects learning outcomes to educationally focused approaches and activities. Think of it as an educational organization’s skeleton or frame.

At The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE), we believe an effective educational framework impacts student and learner outcomes in many ways, including:

NCOAE’s educational framework appears below. It’s a living, breathing framework that’s constantly being reviewed to ensure it is serve the ever-expanding needs of our students and clients.