NCOAE and College Credit

There is an essential opportunity for each student to flourish in the individualized environment at The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE).

NCOAE connects specific wilderness curriculum to help students make authentic change within themselves and therefore, within in the world. NCOAE is dedicated to developing passionate learners, community leaders and value-driven decision makers. This all ties together in helping a student create the foundation to, “be leaders, problem solvers, and self-sufficient explorers.” All academic course work for NCOAE’s academic quarter and semester courses is university-level.

NCOAE uses experiential education as the foundation of its educational philosophy, which helps students develop in the capacity to meet social challenges, solve problems, and make a positive difference in the world.

Keystone College — a nationally-ranked, private liberal arts and sciences college accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools — has aligned Keystone’s course competencies with NCOAE’s Core Curriculum and coursework. As a result, NCOAE students who complete stated requirements associated with select NCOAE courses and/or trainings may apply for college credit through assessment by Keystone College.

Academic Course Hours and Credits

NCOAE maintains and exceeds U.S. university standards for classroom hours.  Each course is assigned credits based on academic rigor and course hours.  Students may be eligible for the following college-level credits through Keystone College:

Academic Quarter Course: Outdoor Educator Instructor

  • EXPL 2110 — Experiential Learning: 3 credits
  • PHED 1125 F2F 001 — 1st Aid/Safety: 2 credits

Fall or Spring Semester Courses

  • ANTH 2110 — Peoples & Cultures of the Himalayas: 2 credits
  • COMM 3135 — Small Group Communication: 3 credits
  • EXPL 2110 — Experiential Learning: 3 credits
  • GEOG 3110 — Cultural Geography: 2 credits
  • LEAD 1110 — Foundations of Leadership: 3 credits
  • LEAD 2110 — Team Building: 3 credits
  • PHED 1125 F2F 001 — 1st Aid/Safety: 2 credits
  • SRM 1018 — Hiking and Habitat: 2 credits
  • SRM 2110 — Program Development and Planning: 3 credits
  • SRM 3135 — Facilitation of Leadership Activities: 3 credits

Wilderness First Responder Training

  • PHED 1125 F2F 001 — 1st Aid/Safety


How do I get college credit?

Academic credit is available for NCOAE courses by transferring credit through Keystone College or by arranging your own independent study.  Check with your home institution to verify NCOAE/ Keystone College credit.

If you are interested in receiving optional college credit for successfully completing an NCOAE course or training, please note that you will be required to register with and pay Keystone College for your credit fees. In addition, you will need to pay NCOAE for your course or training enrollment fee prior to the first day of your NCOAE course or training.