Adam Parish

Field Instructor - WFA

North Carolina native Adam Parish hails from a coastal town called Newport that is located about 100 miles northeast of our headquarters in Wilmington. He began working here at The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education in August of 2017 as an intern while finishing up his studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

In 2018, Adam earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in recreation, sport leadership and tourism management, and we hired him on as a logistics coordinator. In this role, Adam assists instructors in the field with activities, lessons, and site management. He also helps with pre- and post-trip logistics and supports administrative and operational functions at headquarters.

An active outdoor enthusiast, Adam has had extensive training in risk management, first aid and emergency response. Prior to joining us at NCOAE, Adam was a marine science technician with the United States Coast Guard. His favorite pastimes include surfing, hunting, kayaking, and exercising.


Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport Leadership and Tourism Management

Videographer - WFR

NC Level II, Paramedic EMT Instructor

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