July 2016

Wilderness Problem Solving Often Requires Response to a Question

By Office Admin July 29, 2016

Wilderness Cooking

It’s the end of a long day trekking through the backcountry. Tents are being set up, water is being collected and brought to the campsite and everyone is tired and hungry.

A conversation ensues:

Student: The stove won’t light.
Instructor: Okay.
Student:  Should we fix it?
Instructor: Do you need it to cook dinner?
Student: Yes….we should fix it.

At this point the expedition, the cooks begin to “field strip” the stove. They remove all the parts, grease the gaskets, clean off the dirt and grime, then check the pump and screens and look for impurities in the fuel. After cleaning up all the parts, they reassemble the stove, pump it, light it up, lean down and listen closely.


Aha! There it is. The jet sound that is the sign of a happy working stove! Smiles are exchanged among the fledgling backcountry cooks because they know they prevented a potential disappointing dinner experience.

Every new generation of leaders needs to acquire the skills necessary for problem solving and they need to practice those skills. They must develop a (more…)

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Outdoor Adventures from the Couch — Summer 2016 Movie Recommendations

By Office Admin July 9, 2016

NCOAE Recommends

Here at The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education, we go to great lengths to guide our students through a variety of wilderness settings for education and instruction in all things that are adventurous and fun in the outdoors.

But occasionally it’s nice to kick off one’s hiking boots, pull your feet up on a couch or recliner, and watch others attempt awesome climbs, catch epic waves or pedal miles along a fresh dirt road.

So when you find yourself pinned to your living room furniture — for whatever reason — we want to suggest some short films to keep you entertained, moved and inspired for your next real-life adventure. Below we preview some video options:

Groundswell: A small film about making a big stand

Groundswell is a surf film at heart, a piece of art and a story about taking action to save a pristine coastal forest in British Columbia and the aboriginal community that resides lives there. Surfer Dan Malloy is featured in the film. Woodshed’s film catalog is filled with other inspiring films. Check them out.

GROUNDSWELL from Farm League on Vimeo.

The Adventure Dispatch with Sarah Swallow

Sarah Swallow is an adventure (more…)

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