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The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education

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Find Your Adventure

Find Your Adventure


Adventure Education

We are the values-based outdoor adventure and education provider for teens and adults interested in personal growth and professional development.

Challenge by Choice

Self-determination allows us to challenge ourselves and others, enhance knowledge and understanding, develop new skills, change attitudes and behaviors, and build confidence.

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By learning from our own experiences and championing original and derivative thinking, we seek to differentiate ourselves and provide unmatched experiences for those we serve.

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Thoughtful collaboration, based on the acknowledgement of one another’s strengths, allows us to optimize our business operations and deliver transformative student experiences.

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Being prepared allows us to mitigate risks, improve student experiences, advance our internal processes, and plan for and be comfortable with the unknown.

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We relate with others through acceptance and understanding in order to promote personal growth and engaging student experiences in a supportive community.

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We persist in the face of adversity, learn from failure, and adapt and evolve to become stronger and wiser.

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Custom Programs

Create a custom program specific to your organization’s team, interests, and desired outcomes. From itineraries to dates to locations, we’ll work together to design a transformative outdoor and wilderness based experience that far exceeds your highest expectations.

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Become an NCOAE Instructor

Gain the skills necessary to become a full-time outdoor educator, backcountry guide, wilderness medicine instructor, or EMT instructor on an NCOAE instructor course!

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Field Instructor

Learn how to lead a variety of outdoor adventure courses as a backcountry guide or outdoor educator.

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Wilderness Medicine personnel carrying a stretcher with a person away from a lake.
Wilderness Medicine Instructor

Build essential expertise to teach the necessary medical training for wilderness adventures.

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EMT Instructor

Learn more about becoming an EMT Instructor at NCOAE

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