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The next best thing to experiencing the backcountry and wilderness firsthand is to hear about it through someone else’s eyes. Short of that, watching a video — one that eloquently captures the beauty of the moment and how being in remote outdoor areas makes us feel — is your next best option. Here on this page, we present a variety of videos from actual NCOAE field experiences. Please use the Categories dropdown menu below to find exactly what you’re looking for, or scroll down the page at your own pace to see what’s available.

19-Day ‘Intensive’ EMT-Basic Training in North Carolina

Teen Wilderness Adventure Course from NCOAE

EDNC – Beyond the Classroom

NCOAE and Education Without Walls – Alaska Adventure

Patagonia | Outdoor Adventure Course | NCOAE

NCOAE Takes Apex Global Leadership into Alaskan Backcountry

NCOAE Custom Program Nepal Video

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