The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education is pleased to offer students who successfully complete specific NCOAE courses or trainings, the opportunity to apply for academic credit at either the college or high school level.


Life Changing Experiences

Discover yourself and the great outdoors on one of our courses. From teen adventures in Alaska, Hawaii and Montana, to adult courses in California and North Carolina, the outdoors is where abilities are transformed, close friendships are established, and a unique quest for discovery is fostered.

The Skills & Training You Need to
Start Out as an EMT

Our EMT-Basic training includes:

  • 169 didactic hours
  • 18 hours of clinicals
    & ride along time
When you’ve suffered an injury or become ill in the wilderness, miles from the nearest hospital emergency center, nothing defuses a sense of alarm like a calm, confident trip leader or guide who says, “Don’t worry. I’ve got this handled.” Be that trip leader or guide!


Adventures first... Education always

Here at The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education, we plan and facilitate professionally guided outdoor adventure and education experiences that foster teamwork, environmental stewardship, and the acquisition of technical skills.


Affordable outdoor education

If you share our vision that positive and profoundly empowering experiences are possible when people choose to engage with themselves and one another in unique wilderness settings, then please consider supporting our work. NCOAE is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that operates in part on donations that fund a full range of outdoor adventures for people from all walks of life.

Who We Are & Why It Matters

The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE) is the values-based outdoor adventure and education provider for teens and adults interested in personal growth and professional development. By teaching a core curriculum that emphasis teamwork, environmental stewardship and the acquisition of technical skills, we help people improve their self-confidence and interpersonal relationships.

See NCOAE In Action