21-Day Intensive EMT-Basic Training Now Available in North Carolina

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January 01, 2021

Starting and completing EMT-Basic training in North Carolina doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out exercise. It’s now possible — in just 21 days — to obtain the proper training and knowledge to take and then pass the National Registry and the North Carolina state EMT exam.

Editor’s Note: This course was previously a 19-day training but has since transitioned into a 21-day ‘intensive’ EMT certification course with a unique hybrid component as of 2021. Keep reading, and then visit the link at the end of this post for the latest info.

The following EMT Training video, which explains the ‘Intensive’ EMT-Basic Training program offered here at NCOAE, explains how we do it and why it’s so effective at helping people obtain their EMT credentials:

As you may already know, because we’ve blogged about it before, we are credentialed through the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services department — as well as approved by the State of NC — to offer our one-of-a-kind intensive 21-day EMT-Basic training program.

Classes meet virtually for 11 consecutive days, which include 131 hours of didactic, classroom training. Then, the class meets in person for 10 days, for an additional 61 hours of hands-on training, as well as 48 hours of clinical and field practice

Nowhere else in North Carolina can you secure your EMT credentials in this short amount of time.

Our next Hybrid 21-day ‘Intensive’ EMT initial certification course — the one that satisfies eligibility requirements for the National Registry and State EMT certification — is now enrolling with multiple dates available. To learn more, enroll or reserve your spot today.

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