Shoulder Season Doesn’t Mean You’re Doomed to Binge-watching Netflix

NCOAE Headquarters

October 17, 2019

The outdoor industry uses the term “shoulder season” to indicate times of the year when we’re less busy. With the exception of the snow sport sector of the industry, for many companies and outdoor outfits, that time starts in October and can stretch all the way to May or early June. 

The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE) has diligently devised, implemented, and executed programs over the years in order to reduce the economic effects of the shoulder season. For us, this means employing many of our staff members year-round. That means our participants have the opportunity to experience adventure-based recreation and personal growth & development programs throughout the year. That’s because we offer opportunities that fit our client’s “shoulder season” schedules. And by expanding our season, we can travel to more diverse locations around the U.S. and abroad.

Instructor Course

If you work in the outdoor industry and want to expand your knowledge and depth of instruction, we offer our Instructor Course in many locations. These courses alternate between  fall and spring each year.

The 2020 Instructor Course is scheduled April 28 through May 5. This river- and land-based education experience will take place in Oregon. Applications are being accepted now. Learn more on our Instructor Course page.

Custom Programs for Private and Public Schools

If your school is looking to test the waters when it comes to offering outdoor education or is seeking new ways to improve an existing outdoor education or wilderness program, we can help. During the school year we work with public and private/independent schools, and college and universities across the country — and even globally — to create and improve outdoor education programs. Ask us for recommendations from the many universities, independent schools, and public school/county programs we serve.

And we work with students as well as staff members. Schools seeking to tie in outdoor education with their academic and social emotional curriculum find that NCOAE is second to none when it comes to creating and facilitating custom school educators’ program that best reflects a school’s philosophy, pedagogy, and outcome objectives for students.

Custom and Corporate Programming

And for those of you who want to treat yourself and a group of friends to an unforgettable life-changing experience, we want to be your outdoor guides.

Maybe you’d like to treat your employees or customers to a wilderness-based adventure that highlights who you are and your guiding principles? We can work with you to build the experience you have been dreaming about. That could include offering your customers the opportunity to try your product, or become more educated and informed about your organization, all while exploring the backcountry.

With choice course destinations across the country and around the world, you pick the place where you want your breath taken away. Contact us today to get started on a ‘shoulder season’ program of your own.

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