Wilderness Courses in the New Year: Fresh Beginnings, Adventures, and Trails

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January 29, 2021

Much like most educational institutions this past year, we find ourselves looking down the road toward new beginnings. And for us here at The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE), that means new wilderness courses, upgraded emergency medicine education courses, and more wilderness medicine education programs. Long before 2020 faded into the rearview, we took a fresh and hard look at what we do, why we do it, and how we can do better by you — our students and client organizations.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we’ve designed courses that offer our participants more flexibility, greater breadth of instruction, and fresh course areas that will draw you deeper into the wild and yourself.

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If your desire is to help yourself to adventure, here are a few of our offerings:

Emergency Medicine Education and Wilderness Medicine Education

We have worked hard to make Emergency Medicine Education and Wilderness Medicine Education easier to access and more flexible to participate in. Our hybrid medical courses enable you to start things off in your own home. That’s because one of the largest obstacles facing our students in the past was leaving home, quitting a job, or getting time off from work, and spending their savings on accommodations and food for extended periods of time. For some people, this trifecta of changes meant they had to abandon their dream of becoming part of the medical workforce.

Here at NCOAE, we design course that exceed industry standards, which means you will be a leader in knowledge and practice. Depth of instruction is not compromised by the hybrid format. In fact, our hybrid courses will prove to be a huge win for you, as studying from home only enhances the hands-on education that occurs once you’re on-site with us for the practical portion of your training.

Semester and Gap Year Courses

If you are the type of person who likes to dive in the deep end and stay fully immersed as long as possible, then perhaps our Semester and Gap Year courses are for you.

Semester and Gap Year courses allow you to work yourself through a large swath of our catalog of course offerings — with topics that include wilderness medicine education, leadership, academic and instructional pedagogy, and technical outdoor skills and certification. In short, you complete these courses equipped to lead expeditions, work in the outdoor and adventure-based experiential education field and set your compass toward success on your own terms.

Custom Programs for Schools and Organizations

If your school or organization is looking for life-changing experiences for the youth you serve or the employees under your charge, we want to design an appropriately challenging outdoor and adventure-based course with you. That’s right. Not for you, but alongside you. Our custom programs lead to cognitive shifts in behavior, and a great reward for your students/employees,

You work closely with your people, so we encourage you to tell us what you require in order for us to design a course that best fits the needs of your school, business, or organization. And best of all, we can run your custom outdoor courses to your area of the country. There are thousands of wild places to run courses both nationally and internationally, and many of them are perfect fits for your group. We take you places that challenge your notion of what you thought were limitations and make them engaging learning and team building opportunities for your group and participants.

Here at NCOAE, we have a long list of schools that contacted us to run one course, and now we are like family. Our courses have become part of their DNA. In addition, when requested, we don’t have to personally participate in an outdoor adventure with your group. We can limit our involvement to a consultation, visiting your school’s campus or company’s headquarters and designing spaces and curriculum to support and enhance your academic, social, and emotional objectives. Then you’re off on your own, armed with the information and experience you need to have a successful outing. Because, let’s face it, this past year has taught those of us in education that the safest, most powerful place to learn is outdoors. 

The Planet is Our Wilderness

The crew here at NCOAE has spent decades exploring course areas that are wild and well suited for adventure education and life-enhancing experiences. Among our favorites: Patagonia, North Carolina, Alaska, Ecuador, and the Pacific Northwest. 

But we’re more than willing and eager to go where you need us. Give us a call at (910) 399-8090 and tell us about your wildest ideas and locations. We have a leadership team composed of respected outdoor and adventure education industry leaders. Our knowledgeable staff works with national and international agencies to secure permits that allow us to go to the most beautiful places on the planet.

And then we help you plan that adventure down to each and every detail imageable. Think of us as the vehicle that gets your group to and from an adventure, with unbiased facilitation and credentialed staff to make sure your learning and team building objectives are more than just achieved; they’re remembered!

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